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November 2010 News



It was another enjoyable evening down at the Dog and Partridge, Riseley bowling alley for our annual skittles social. The numbers may have been slightly down on previous years but the enthusiasm flowed.



Highest Female score Jean Jones

Highest Male score Alwyn Lowe

Last Female playing Pam Harwood

Last Male playing Jeremy Hopkins



The first meeting in November was given over to our own members providing displays on the subject of "Blue". We have not used a colour as a display feature before but with a good turn out from the members the evening was fully taken up. As is usual with a member's evening some stretched the "Blue" to provide material rather than disturb items from the sheets in their collection. It was good to see one of our new members John Morgans showing for the first time some of his GB Wildings.



Thanks to members, the sale of key rings, pens, paperweights etc, of which a portion of sales goes to the Society, has raised almost £60.



October 2010 News



The programme for 2011 has been prepared by Alwyn Lowe but as he now has other Committee responsibilities he wishes to vacate the position of Programme Secretary. This position does not take up a great deal of time, it is busy for a couple of weeks as speakers are obtained for the following year and then it only requires a letter to be sent to each speaker about 4 weeks before the meeting to remind them of the evening and where to find us. Please have a word with Alwyn if you feel you are able to help in this capacity.



A small number of possible speakers is held by the Programme Secretary in case one is needed in an emergency and as a base for the following years programme. This speakers pool is in need of some additional names. If you are able to suggest any speakers for the future please give details to Alwyn Lowe.



At the recent Committee Meeting Alan Godfrey advised that due to other commitments away from philately he would not be able to continue being our Packet Secretary from September 2011. This does mean that the Society must look immediately for somebody to take over this very important position. Please speak to either Alan or Julian Burgess with possible names and they will also be able to advise on how it all works. In the past our membership has readily come forward to assist on Committee and take specified positions. As mentioned above we now have the need for two persons to take over as Programme Secretary and Packet Secretary.



The Society has maintained a Library run by Alec Bunting for a number of years. At the moment a few catalogues are kept at the Bradbury Centre with the remaining items held by Alec, obtainable on loan by request to him. The intention is that a list of all the library books will be placed on the Society's website. Full details of our library will take a few weeks to list.




11 May 2010 - Postcard & Cinderella Competition


A new set of competitions has been introduced into our calendar. These are for "postcards" and "cinderellas".


On May 11th the first of these were held and they were very successful with seven and four entries respectively. It must be said however that all four cinderella entries were from Julian Burgess! Results are shown below.


We expect these competitions to be a regular feature in future.



1st David Gerken - Bridges

2nd Derek Harwood - Scott Expedition

3rd Pam Harwood - Lighthouses



1st Julian Burgess - A Potpourri (4 displays)



Society Meeting 13 April 2010


The Society was asked by Glenna Thomas's husband Hedley if he could present us with an item in remembrance of Glenna. It was felt that the provision of a gavel for the Chairman would be particularly relevant. Hedley officially presented the gavel to the Society before our meeting on 13 April 2010.


13 April 2010 - Club & Open Competition Results



1st Patrick Reid - The CTMS/T Tax Marks of Tasmania 1904-1939


2nd Eric Holmes - Gibraltar Instructional Handstamps



1st Derek Steele - Studies on Scottish Wheel Tax



1st Derek Steele - Arthur Sullivan's 1931 Flight



1st Derek Harwood - Sir Ernest Shackleton


2nd Eric Holmes - Gibraltar Rock Pictorial Issue


3rd Trevor Cornford - Medicine T.B. Story


Comm. Peter Alford - Lundy Island


Due to confusion over dates, the competition rules were relaxed to allow cinderella entries.



Archivists' Appeal


If anybody has any information, photos, stories or other memorabilia associated with the Society from it's inception in 1978 to the present that they are prepared to share with other members would they please let me know so that they can be considered for inclusion in the Society Archives.


I am particularly interested in photos from any period and any details of visits the Society made to other Societies.


Thanks, Chris Rayner.


WDPS Competitions

It has been necessary to change the date of the Club competitions. To accommodate the availability of judges the Club competitions have been brought forward to Tuesday April 13 and the postcard and cinderella competition moved back to 11 May.

On May 11 separate competitions will be held for postcards and cinderellas. Members will be the judges.

A change in the rules for the Novices Cup has been agreed. As no entries were submitted last  year the conditions for entry into this class have been relaxed. Entry is open to anyone who has not previously won a WDPS competition for which a cup has been awarded. It is hoped that the fine Novices Cup donated by Glenna Thomas will once again grace someone's display shelf!


January 2010 News


The meeting on Tuesday 12 January is cancelled due to adverse weather.

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